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Scouts Canada

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The Start of Something Great

Scouts Canada is one of the country’s leading youth organizations, offering a world of adventure, outdoor experience and friendship for boys, girls and young adults ages 5 to 26. Made possible through the commitment of our 20,000 volunteers, Scouts Canada’s youth-led programming is delivered across the country to almost 60,000 youth.

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Let’s Get Creative

Twin Creek has been working with Scouts Canada since 2017. What began as a regional project to support summer camp marketing efforts in Alberta, later grew into a multi-faceted relationship using our full range of strategy, design, and advertising services.

Highlights include planning and design of multiple websites, including a major overhaul of the flagship site, New tools are developed for administration and easier maintenance. As their outsourced “marketing dept.”, we continue to work with their internal team in Ottawa on national initiatives like online brand awareness and recruitment.

Thank you to each and everyone of you for your role in this. It was a heavy lift and we couldn’t have done it without you. Really appreciate your work on this. I look forward to collaborating again soon!

Kayleigh Kanoza Director of Communications — Directrice des communications Scouts Canada
National Service Centre — Centre national de service

Services Provided

  • Market Research
  • Website Score Cards
  • Brochures / Print Collateral
  • Social Media Setup
  • Website Design
  • Mobile Websites
  • Online Advertising
  • Media Release Distribution
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Spots Left

Camp Woods, Alberta “sells out” early with an effective marketing campaign reaching parents on Google, Facebook, and through magazines, and email. The flood of registrations exceeds expectations.

More Web Visitors

6 million ad impressions spike summer website traffic well north of 140,000 visitors. Canada-wide digital marketing campaign drives massive public awareness of the benefits of Scouts through engaging text, photo, and video ads.

Recruitment ROI

Through an agile campaign that focuses on performance, advertising dollars are maximized, resulting in 1000s of youth joining within a 7 week window… a strong positive financial return on investment.

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